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As a business owner, you know the importance of making plans. Our Business Succession Planning Attorneys help clients in Irvine and throughout Southern California to make plans for the future of their business. The Law Firm of BecRancho Santa Margarita Corporate Law Attorneyk & Christian has been providing business clients with skilled legal counsel for over 35 years. We create effective business succession strategies to ensure a smooth transition of a business in the event of retirement, or should the owner become incapacitated or deceased.

At the Law Firm of Beck & Christian, our Irvine Business Succession Planning Lawyers are experts in the fields of estate planning and tax law. We can help you achieve your goals of transitioning your business smoothly whether you plan to maintain it for your family members, or whether you plan to sell it now or in the future. We look ahead to maximize your wealth while minimizing the potential for excessive tax liabilities.

For intelligent, skilled advice concerning your Estate Planning needs, contact the Law Firm of Beck & Christian. Our Irvine Business Succession Planning Lawyers and Estate Planning Lawyers are dedicated to working diligently while exceeding your expectations. Call (949) 855-9250 to schedule your consultation.

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Protecting Businesses in Irvine, California

If you intend to pass your business interests to family members, we are prepared to create a plan which ensures the success of your business and your family. We aim to give you peace of mind knowing your lifetime of business accomplishments is secure and will continue to grow under the guidance of your family members.

As experts in this field, our Irvine Business Succession Planning Lawyers offer skilled legal assistance in a wide range of services, including the following:

Whether you have full ownership or if you have an interest in any enterprise, it is essential to give considerable thought to the way your business would be affected if unforeseeable events rendered you unable to run your business. As experienced Irvine Business Succession Planning Lawyers, we can help you make plans which ensure your business will remain sustainable after you are gone while also ensuring your family remains protected.

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