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The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to serve as legal advice. You should not act or fail to act based on the information on this website. This website contains general information only, and may not reflect recent changes to the law. All cases differ – please contact an attorney in your area to get legal advice as it pertains to your case. Attorneys Gregory Beck and Stephen Christian are licensed to practice law in the State of California.

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Rancho Santa Margarita Business Lawyers at the law firm of Beck & Christian are pleased to provide clients with quality representation in Rancho Santa Margarita, the surrounding areas of Orange County, and all through Southern California. Our business attorneys offer dedicated and efficient legal counsel, implementing integrated planning so the most effective legal method is used to reach the goals of each client.

Our skilled Rancho Santa Margarita corporate law attorneys have the knowledge and experience it takes to assist individuals in matters of retirement planning, business law needs, and taxation matters. Our law firm is dedicated to helping clients achieve the desired outcome in legal matters, and therefore we do everything possible to make that happen.

Please contact our business law office by calling (949) 855-9250 to find out how working with devoted and attentive attorneys will affect your business, estate planning, and tax matters.

As Rancho Santa Margarita corporate law lawyers and business lawyers who believe in providing quality legal counsel, we promptly return calls and deliver case updates to clients. In addition, we provide an initial, free consultation to those that may be in need of our legal counsel.

Rancho Santa Margarita Business Lawyers | Areas of Practice

Our law office is focused on offering skilled legal representation to individuals in a range of practice areas. Our Rancho Santa Margarita corporate law lawyers, taxation lawyers, and estate planning attorneys are certified in California to provide legal representation and counsel on estate planning, taxation, trusts, probate law, and more.

Corporate Law Attorney | Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Our reputation is one of sound legal representation and guidance in an array of business law matters. You can rely on Business Law Lawyers Beck & Christian for guidance on the following:Rancho Santa Margarita Corporate Law Attorney

Call our attorneys at (949) 855-9250 and set up your appointment for a meeting and consultation with an experienced business dissolution attorney, business succession lawyer, or shareholder disputes attorney. Our business transaction lawyers and business formation attorneys have the knowledge and ability required to guide clients to successful business outcomes.

Rancho Santa Margarita Taxation Lawyer

Please contact Rancho Santa Margarita Taxation Attorneys Beck & Christian for questions about estate taxation, business transactions, and other business tax matters such as corporate tax issues. Our estate taxation attorneys provide sound counsel and representation in cases pertaining to S corporations, personal taxes, general partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, trusts, and C corporations.

At Beck & Christian, our corporate law attorneys and estate taxation lawyers possess the in-depth understanding of business and personal tax planning that you need. Our experience and knowledge in tax planning could help reduce your taxes and increase certain tax benefits. Please contact our Rancho Santa Margarita taxation attorneys for tax advice regarding your specific needs and goals, including the following:Rancho Santa Margarita Taxation Lawyer

To gain beneficial legal advice on the California State Board of Equalization, turn to Rancho Santa Margarita Taxation Lawyers Gregory M. Beck and Stephen L. Christian. We also assist clients with IRS and Franchise Tax Board disputes, providing aggressive and skilled legal representation in order to protect client interests.

Rancho Santa Margarita Estate Planning Lawyer

As dedicated and effective Rancho Santa Margarita estate planning attorneys, Mr. Christian and Mr. Beck put their experience to work in helping business and individual clients to avoid probate and decrease tax liabilities. In the event you need a reliable asset protection lawyer to assist the preservation and transfer of wealth for your heirs, please contact our estate planning law firm. At our practice, our asset protection attorneys are knowledgeable and have the experience needed to help clients find the appropriate estate-planning solution.

If you are interested in creating a strong estate plan to preserve your assets and hard-earned wealth, call Rancho Santa Margarita Estate Planning Lawyers Gregory Beck and Stephen Christian. We provide assistance in a range of estate planning areas:

Our attorneys have more than three decades of experience providing assistance to private individuals and businesses regarding asset protection, investment planning, and more. Please turn to us for trusted guidance in inheritance, executive compensation, and retirement accumulation matters. We believe in giving the attentive service that is expected from a small firm while still providing the experience and skill of a much larger one.

In situations where a client is in need of advice in an area of law that we do not practice, we diligently refer to reliable and trusted professionals. Our goal is to make sure clients receive the legal counsel needed to attain their goals. You can confidently turn to Beck & Christian for experienced Rancho Santa Margarita corporate law attorneys, probate administration attorneys, retirement benefit planning attorneys, and business transaction attorneys. We also work with finance, accounting, and insurance specialists in order to provide the complete legal service our clients require.

When you are looking for help from a certified specialist estate planning lawyer or a gift taxation lawyer, contact our law firm. You can expect prompt return phone calls and emails from our Rancho Santa Margarita lawyers because we believe good client communication is an integral part of quality legal counsel.

Call our Rancho Santa Margarita Business Attorneys

When you need effective legal counsel regarding retirement wealth accumulation, investing, executive employment, or business ownership interests, please contact our offices at (949) 855-9250. At the law firm of Beck & Christian, we offer quality legal representation in taxation, estate planning, and business law.

Our case evaluation and contact form may also be used to reach our office and connect with a qualified Rancho Santa Margarita estate planning attorney, business lawyer, or taxation lawyer. We will get in contact with you after reviewing your case information and schedule a no-charge consultation to address your legal needs.

Rancho Santa Margarita Estate Planning Lawyer

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